Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Remove Procrastination?

Hi Friends

Recently, I received a call from a friend that was asking me on how to remove procrastination.

He was already doing well in Real Estate in terms of pay and he wanted to achieve more. However, whenever he wanted to work on his action items, he would procrastinate. That’s when he gave me the call.

So how do you remove procrastination?

Let me share with you a TRUE story regarding an Indian couple:

Back in 2005, there was this Indian couple in Singapore in which the husband was having a kidney failure. For such cases, you only have 2 choices: Dialysis or Kidney Transplant. I know you know that dialysis would be a painful and torturing process where depending on the severity of the condition, the patient would be required to go for dialysis at least 3 times per week. However, there was a person who volunteered to donate her kidney to this man ……. this person is her wife. My question to you is this. Do you think that the wife would procrastinate knowing that if she don’t donate her kidney, her husband would die?

I know you will say “NO”, the wife would not procrastinate. Why NOT?

Let me ask you this question, if waht you are going to do TODAY is as important as donating your kidney to your very love one, would you procrastinate?

Until the day that your GOAL is EXTREMELY COMPELLING, procrastination will consume you. However, if you know how to create a COMPELLING GOAL or use NLP tools to manage your procrastination, then your LIFE WILL CHANGE FOREVER!

Let me share with you how you can REMOVE PROCRASTINATION by attending our Free NLP Workshop NOW!

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Cayden Chang
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